Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shanghai's Old Town.

My first impression of Shanghai was super modern and extremely overpopulated. The advertising sings of western products were attacking you on each street corner. The people and the constant jostle in the metro were a bit overwhelming. At first I view Shanghai as any other super modern city, until I found the hidden pearl, the old town. A living history located to the southeast of the city center. This place kept the original Chinese architecture; narrow street, vibrant markets and relatively unchanged life style.

The unique construction of the zig-zag bridge keeps negative energy and bad spirits away from the buildings gates. In ancient China people believed that those harmful spirits cannot navigate corners,
therefore this style of bridge should keep them away from the households.

Drip tiles, made out of terracotta clay resemble bats in the shape. Bates, which symbolize good luck, were commonly used as a decorative motives. Many door knobs in ancient Chinese buildings have bat as a symbol.

 Gold intricate ornaments are decorating the ancient buildings. Gold symbolize not only wealth but also a good fortune.

 The stunning ancient architecture.

Shanghai's green tea street vendors.

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