Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nanjin Road, Shanghai Bussiest Street.

Nanjin Road is a paradise shopping for Chinese people and visitors from around the world. This road is 3.4 mile long, it stretches from the east side of the Bund to the junction of Jin’an Temple and Yan’an Street.
The Nanjin Road is a home to over 600 businesses, you can find here world- famous food venders, upscale boutiques and traditional Chinese stores that sell scissors, jade goods, embroidery, silk and clocks.

Busy, overcrowded Nanjing Road, a paradise shopping.

Visitors from around the world and China come for a stroll or window shopping.

Paradise for scissors lover. This store specialize only in scissors.

Shanghai attracts people form countryside, they are working hard to improve their life conditions.

Night view of Nanjing Road, illuminated with neon signs.

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